2019 Songwriters Showcase Showtimes

We're excited to see and hear all the talented performers at our 13th Annual Songwriters Showcase! When the day arrives, please show up 15 minutes before your scheduled time, and stay for the whole show. (Please also leave time to find parking near the venue, Goodhart Hall, at Bryn Mawr College.)

Full of original music, this day will be creative, inspiring and special.

Due to the amount of performers, we are generally not able to change your time once registered. Any show questions or concerns can be sent to: shows@merideewinters.com

Date: Sunday, Feb. 24th, 2019

Location: Goodhart Hall is located on Bryn Mawr College's campus at 150 N. Merion Ave., Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 (Our concert will be in the building's Music Room)


The college has instructed us to utilize two parking lots: the parking lot on Merion Avenue in front of Wyndham (the alumnae house) and the first lot on Morris Avenue, next to the Gateway building. A campus map can be viewed here

Show times are below. See you soon!

StudentTeacherShow Time
Sarah BassiriEsther Back2:30 PM Show
Norah CotterGabe Miller5:30 PM Show
Noa DankoffJared Feinman2:30 PM Show
Sora DavidsonSarah Connelly4:00 PM Show
Rae EmmaEmily Cooley4:00 PM Show
Sophie FiksBrendan Fullam5:30 PM Show
Sophie FiksJared Feinman5:30 PM Show
Madeleine FiksBrendan Fullam5:30 PM Show
Sophia GlickmanMary Corso4:00 PM Show
Leah GlickmanMary Corso4:00 PM Show
Luke HardyDavid Keezing4:00 PM Show
Evie HarkinsApril Keezing4:00 PM Show
Leila Himani-ShahHeather Corson2:30 PM Show
Riya KharodeGrace Lee4:00 PM Show
Alveena KhodayKaitlin Borden5:30 PM Show
Andrew Koban PayneJR Schmitt5:30 PM Show
Henry Koban PayneJR Schmitt5:30 PM Show
Lola KressMatt Glick4:00 PM Show
Lola KressMatt Glick5:30 PM Show
Sarah MaloneyRachel Woodward2:30 PM Show
Maxie MandelPorter Fitch5:30 PM Show
Amelia MarshallMary Corso2:30 PM Show
Duncan MillerBrendan Fullam5:30 PM Show
Abby NobleKatie Kierstead5:30 PM Show
Isabelle OroscoJared Scheetz2:30 PM Show
Eliana PasternakJared Feinman5:30 PM Show
Charlotte PowellAna MeiLi Carling4:00 PM Show
Lillian ReillyAna MeiLi Carling2:30 PM Show
Zachary SchuhMaura Blanchard5:30 PM Show
Sarah ShoumerBrendan Fullam5:30 PM Show
Madison SmithRachel Woodward2:30 PM Show
Annarose SpeidelRachel Woodward2:30 PM Show
Noel SpringerAlex Robinson2:30 PM Show
Zoe SternMaura Blanchard4:00 PM Show
Amaia TruongEsther Back4:00 PM Show
Ryan ZhangGrace Lee4:00 PM Show