Sam Borrello

Sam Borrello - guitar, piano

Sam may already be a familiar name – he’s a guitarist for the Philadelphia based band, ILL Doots. The band is known for uniting different perspectives and people to create fun music, as well as teaching young children about working together through their “I Love Learning” workshops. In addition, the group has received one of Philadelphia’s top honors, a Barrymore Award for “Best Original Music.” Sam’s music career started long before this, though. He was exposed to music early and took up piano lessons at the age of 8, continuing to study it into high school. A few years after beginning his piano studies, Sam took up the violin and clarinet and joined the Vermont Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. By high school, he was also hooked on the guitar, and began exploring rock and jazz repertoire. Deciding to continue his music studies in college, Sam graduated with honors from the University of the Arts with a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Performance and began teaching, producing and gigging locally and nationally. Sam enjoys a variety of music including jazz, hip-hop, classical and rock and has performed locally at Ardmore Music Hall and World Cafe Live. He teaches guitar and piano for the school.

Nelson Remetz

Nelson Remetz - guitar, piano, voice, ukulele, bass

It’s very likely that music was the first thing Nelson ever heard. He was born into a whole family of musicians and it’s been a way of life ever since. Nelson learned harmonica and ukulele at an early age, and had also picked up the saxophone by the end of grade school. Not long after, he joined the school choir and his additional music lessons allowed him to conquer guitar, piano and several other instruments. While completing his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Maryland, he joined the acappella group Faux Paz. Performing with this group fueled Nelson’s love of song and won him the ICCA (International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella) Mid-Atlantic Semifinals in 2015. Currently, Nelson plays blues/rock with his Philly based band, SHKRS. He’s always up for sharing his love of creative songwriting and the mindful experience of music with others. He loves studying the Beatles and White Stripes for songwriting inspiration and teaches guitar, piano, voice, ukulele and bass for the school.

Sean Conlon

Sean Conlon - guitar, bass, drums, piano, ukulele, voice, songwriting, violin, cello, trumpet

Sean’s love of performing began as imaginative play: pantomiming the instruments to Beatles songs and playing “intense air-guitar solos” to Led Zepellin tunes as a young boy. This passion was quickly applied to actual instruments, though, and over the course of his youth he learned to play the drums, guitar, bass and piano. He was hungry to learn even more, so began to explore audio recording and mixing, overdubbing himself playing all the different instrumental parts to songs that he loved and applying effects to the tracks. Sean then found himself longing to understand more of the theory behind the music, and decided to sign up for every music class his high school offered. He joined the concert band on trumpet, the wind ensemble on double bass, jazz band and pit orchestra on guitar, and also sang with the a cappella group and studied AP Music Theory. It’s no surprise that Sean elected to study music in college, where he attended the University of the Arts. There, he demonstrated the same ambition he’d shown throughout his youth, earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance and his Master’s Degree in Music Education, as well as earning the guitar faculty award. Sean is also a seasoned music instructor — he taught private lessons on various instruments for seven years, in addition to student teaching during his music education studies. In his spare time, Sean performs with three different bands, and plays guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, and ukulele for various musicals. Sean teaches guitar, bass, drums, piano, ukulele, voice, cello, trumpet and violin for the school. 

Jared Scheetz

Jared Scheetz - piano, guitar, bass, violin, cello

Jared first picked up the guitar in the 8th grade, and years of practice and self-instruction led him to advanced studies and a music education degree from West Chester University, and even to an opening spot for the hit band, Dawes. At West Chester, Jared studied not only guitar, but also aural skills, orchestral strings, advanced music theory, double bass and piano. He also performed with the West Chester University Classical Guitar Ensemble. Currently, he plays in an acoustic duo called Salient Roots. They play country, bluegrass and blues and are best known for their vocal harmonies. When not teaching, Jared is an avid woodworker, and has been teaching himself string instrument luthiery in his home wood shop. He teaches guitar, bass, piano, violin and cello for the school. 

Chris Panico

Chris Panico - piano, guitar

A graduate of University of the Arts, Chris is a multi-talented songwriter, composer, and creative writer with experience working with students of all ages, from toddlers to adults. Raised on Paul Simon and The Beatles, their influence shines through in the music he writes.  At UArts, Chris received his degree in Music Composition, and has had several vocal arrangements performed in the area, most notably at the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts. While in school, Chris worked with every possible artistic medium, creating compositions and improvisations for films such as “A Rose For Amethyst” by Ashley Akunna and “Waves and Sand” by Marcus O'Leary, animations such as “Gary Gets a Job” and “The Adventures of Pencilman” by Maria DelBuono. When not teaching for Meridee Winters, Chris spends his time writing his own songs, favoring piano-driven electronic arrangements, although his experiences also include an impromptu tin whistle performance at the Renaissance Faire. He also spends time with his tiny Pekingese named Bobmur (after the dwarf in the Hobbit, of course). He teaches piano and guitar for the school.

Rebekah Fernandez

Rebekah Fernandez - voice, piano, guitar, musical theater

Rebekah fell in love with music and acting at a young age, and followed that passion as it led her through music lessons and school theater all the way to professional productions and spots on commercials and TV sitcoms. The musical leg of her journey began with piano lessons, later adding voice and flute. Rebekah also picked up the guitar so that she could sing and accompany herself. Her acting experience is extensive – she has worked for professional theaters in Denver, Dallas, Virginia and PA and toured as an MC with the Radio Disney Road Crew. Rebekah graduated summa cum laude from Abilene Christian University with a BFA in acting and musical theater. While there, she was a presidential scholar, received a theater scholarship and studied abroad in Uruguay. While not teaching or performing, Rebekah loves to play with her cats, Mischief and Echo, and enjoys nature, biking, reading and painting. She teaches voice, musical theater, piano, guitar and works in the front office as the Vision Keeper for the school.

David Snyder

David Snyder – voice, piano, guitar

A born performer, David has graced the stage of many well-known Tri-State area theaters, including the Walnut Street Theater and the Arden Theater in Philadelphia and Candlelight Theater in Delaware. His stage credits have even taken him abroad to places like Edinburgh, Scotland and Beijing, China. David studied music throughout his youth – beginning with the saxophone and voice, and soon adding on the piano and the guitar. His love of music and the performing arts led him to Syracuse University, where he earned his BFA in Drama. (He also has extensive training in the Linklater voice method.) David has several years of music direction under his belt in various local school and music theater programs, and is currently serving as the music director for the Wolf Performing Arts Center. While his musical theater experience is extensive, David enjoys and teaches many genres, including jazz, rock, folk, classical and recording programs like Logic and MainStage. He teaches piano, guitar and voice for the school. 

Nick Salcido

Nick Salcido - piano, guitar, bass

Nick’s interest in music began during his elementary school commute, when he would sing along to old Motown and 50’s songs on the radio. This interest led to guitar lessons, and later, the bass. His musical studies continued when he attended Bates College, where he earned a BA in Music, with Honors in Composition. By the time he completed his degree, he had already compiled almost 200 hours of student teaching in music as well as physical education classes. He later taught in smaller, private studios in Northeast Philadelphia and Washington, DC. In addition to private lessons, Nick has worked with kids, helping them form bands and prepare to compete in statewide “Battle of the Bands” performances. He currently plays in several ensembles in the Philadelphia area, earning the title of “Philly Band of the Year” at the 2012 Tri-State Indie Awards and performing at the Peach Music Festival, run by the iconic Allman Brothers. Nick has also toured with the Kalob Griffin Band and performed with a member of a popular funk-jazz group, Soulive. Nick loves to travel the US and explore the local flavor wherever he finds himself. Always looking to explore his neighborhood and discover new restaurants, he loves finding new foods that he never thought he would like.

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson – piano, guitar, bass and drums

For Willie, music has never been a choice – it has been a necessity. His life has always involved music from his fascination with the bagpipes as a child to playing in punk bands in his teens and now as a student of music therapy. The arts, musical theater, chorale groups, jazz and marching bands played big role in his adolescence and they have helped shape his education and career paths. Today, Willie is studying music therapy and piano performance at Immaculata University. He was awarded a scholarship by the music department and more recently was elected president of the Immaculata Chorale. Prior to embarking on a musical education journey, Willie was trained as a professional photographer at Hallmark Institute of Photography. Willie taught private music lessons on his own before joining the MW Team and has also served as a Boy Scout camp counselor. Willie plays with several bands in Philadelphia including a wedding band and an original funk band. He performs his own original music under the stage name Crills Wilson and has played with the popular indie-rock band Cheers Elephant on many occasions. When he isn’t playing music, Willie enjoys working on home improvement projects. He teaches piano, guitar, bass and drums for the school.

David Trum

David Trum - piano, guitar, voice, bass, drums

David has always had a strong interest in music and art. After seeing the iconic performance of “Johnny B. Goode” in the film Back to the Future, he was inspired to pick up the guitar, and began lessons at 7 years old. David later took up percussion and bass and played in rock bands, concert bands, jazz bands, marching bands and choruses throughout school. He's also no stranger to teaching – he began teaching lessons when he was a freshman in high school and has since worked in his own private studio and as the music director at Easter Seals' Camp Carefree. At Camp Carefree, he directed, instructed and wrote the curriculum for children with special needs. While in college, David studied composition privately with composers such as Robert Maggio, Adam Silverman and Michael Fiday. He graduated from West Chester University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Theory and Composition and from University of Cincinnati with a Master’s Degree in Music Composition.  David genuinely loves and embraces a wide range of music styles from the Beatles to Beyonce, Bob Dylan and Luciano Berio. When he’s not busy studying the craftsmanship of all things musical, he keeps himself busy listening to podcasts about science, philosophy and the arts. David teaches guitar, bass, piano, percussion and voice. 

Brendan Fullam

Brendan Fullam - guitar, voice

Brendan grew up loving and listening to his Dad’s records. What he heard inspired him, so he started guitar lessons, formed a band with some friends, and began writing his own songs. Brendan followed this musical path to college, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Music Recording Technology from Lebanon Valley College where he studied both guitar and voice. Though he has a passion for jazz, Brendan loves playing in all different styles – rock, R&B, blues, progressive, and folk. His band, Johnny Action Figure, has performed at top venues in Philadelphia, Nashville and New York, alongside great bands like Wilco, the Get Up Kids, and Apollo Sunshine. Their music has been featured in television shows and commercials on MTV, VH1, and Comedy Central. Outside of music, Brendan is a big Philadelphia sports supporter. He teaches guitar and voice for MW.

Jason Herrmann

Jason Herrmann - guitar, drums, bands

Jason graduated Magna Cum Laude from Temple University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Guitar Performance. He was the recipient of both the Frances G. Lumsden Memorial Scholarship and the Temple Jazz Grant for his academic efforts there. Jason has been featured in Jazziz Magazine and one of his compositions was included in the Jazziz University Education in America Compilation to represent Temple University’s music program. He is currently performing regularly with several original and cover bands and writes, arranges, and conducts for his nine piece jazz ensemble Tap Room Nine. Although very accomplished in the Jazz world, Jason was raised on rock and heavy metal and loves nothing more than to get on stage and shred. His original rock band was recently featured on 93.3 WMMR's Local Shots Vol. 6 compilation and is in rotation on DJ Jaxon's radio program. Jason has been teaching for the MW School of Music since 2005, teaches guitar and drums and is a master level teacher for the school.

Andrew Fagan

Andrew Fagan - guitar, piano, vocals, bass

Andrew graduated from Binghamton University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and Sound Design. Andrew writes, records, and produces music as part of The Skyline Industry, whose music has been featured on Philadelphia radio station WXPN as well as many internet stations and blogs.  As a solo artist, Andrew writes and performs under the moniker The Dragons Were Numbers as well as his given name. When he is not immersed in his music, he can be found around town hosting a music night at a local venue, performing at a fancy dinner party or wedding reception downtown, or helping his students record their own songs and albums. Andrew’s other hobbies and interests include graphic design, camping, gardening, and movies. His hope is to inspire the potential and encourage the talent in each of his students. Andrew has been teaching piano and guitar with the Meridee Winters School of Music since 2005.


Michael Campanile

Michael Campanile - guitar, piano, bass

Mike graduated from Temple University’s Ester Boyer College of Music and Dance with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. He has performed and composed for a wide range of musical genres, including jazz, punk, ballet, fusion, classical, metal, and electronic music. He cherishes the classical repertoire, yet at the same time incorporates much of the experiences he has had with modern popular musical styles to infuse an educated and refined approach. His diverse musical ability and interests have allowed him to perform at an equally diverse range of venues from the second stage of the Warped Tour to center stage at the Kimmel Center. Through his years as a musician he has studied and played piano, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, and bass, as well as recorded and produced in studios on the east and west coast. Currently, Mike is working with several groups/projects, ranging from metal to rap to electronic music, and is creating a solo album from which all the proceeds will be donated to cancer research. When he's not playing or writing, Michael enjoys low budget movies, and classic novels. He has been teaching for the MW School of Music since 2009 and teaches piano, guitar, and bass.

Doug O'Donnell

Doug O'Donnell - guitar, banjo

Doug holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from University of Delaware with a concentration in Journalism and a minor in Anthropology.  Doug started studying music at an early age. For most of his youth he studied with the great Mark Unruh mastering the styles of blues, bluegrass, rock, country and jazz. In recent years, he has been devoted to the study of bluegrass banjo and flat-picking guitar styles. Doug is a former member of the Philly indie-pop band Dr. Dog. During his tenure with the band he had the privilege touring with indie-rock darlings My Morning Jacket and has played venues across the country. He currently performs and records regularly with the rock-and-soul band Doublehorse!, and plays bluegrass, jazz and blues in a variety of group and solo settings in the Philadelphia area. Doug has been a teacher with the school since 2006 and teaches guitar.

Abhi Taranath

Abhi Taranath - guitar, bass, piano, ukulele

Veteran teacher Abhi Taranath is no stranger to music. His musical resume includes performances at Philadelphia's Theater of Living Arts and opening for the Sugarhill Gang as part of "The Ernest Goodlife Band." In addition, he is currently pursuing a degree in Media & Technology at Villanova University that he will use to explore the fields of music, recording and digital audio. This passion for music began long ago; as a toddler, his father would play Beatles and Ravi Shankar albums "endlessly" on repeat, and Abhi credits that as when his lifelong love of music began. In his youth, he received high honors for his saxophone playing and, looking to expand his musical skills, also began his studies on guitar, which has continued to study and master. Throughout his life, he has been exposed to a great variety of music genres and instruments – his expertise ranges from guitar, saxophone and piano to the Indian tabla. With a strong understanding of the traditional guitar approach, Abhi is also well versed with the more unconventional uses of guitar sound (such as soundscaping, looping and noise), and he is happy to explore all genres and approaches with his students. In his spare time, Abhi is working on his debut solo album and enjoys raising his two children.  He teaches guitar, bass, ukulele and piano for the school.