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Welcome to the school! Once your online form is submitted a Welcome Kit will be mailed to you and we will be in touch. (The kit includes school info, a rate form and the school policy.)

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We schedule on the quarter hour. Even 15 minutes more availability before and after can have a significant impact on what teacher you get and how swiftly you can be placed.

• We will do our best to accommodate your preferences, but first choices may not always be possible. Sudden changes in your schedule will affect placement. We appreciate your understanding.

• Brand new students may need a beginner kit. (These kits provide an exciting start for new students, and range from $50-$75 for piano and $30-40 for guitar - check with the office staff or your teacher to see if you will need any materials)
Beginner kits consist of a student bag, lesson books, music journal, and flashcards (plus MW method books for piano students). Prices for buying individual items vary.

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