Summer Scheduling Options and Policy

(for lessons in July and August)

•Please note our regular school year policy applies to summer lessons, with the additional policies listed below. 

• In addition to offering summer projects, we also teach regular lessons throughout the course of the summer.

Our regular school year concludes at the end of June and our summer semester takes place from July through August. Our year-round school policy allows flexibility for June, as we know many families travel when school lets out and can (with notice - see Year Round Policy) prorate your June tuition if you would like to end the school year early. For summer lessons in July and August, we offer more flexible scheduling options to accommodate vacations and camps, which are listed below. 

In the spring, we provide families with a Summer Plans form to submit online. Be on the lookout to submit your response.

Taking a break? First... are you sure? To maintain progress, we recommend that families who are busy or traveling consider block lessons, and scheduling lessons (even extended “super lessons”) to suit your schedule. If you do opt to take a break, we will gladly welcome you back in the fall. While we won’t be able to guarantee a spot with your current teacher upon return (they may take on new students to fill the gap while you are away), we are happy to place you with another one of our talented teachers in the fall in the event that you lose your slot.

Options for Summer Lessons in July and August:

Regular Weekly Lessons (with vacation flexibility):

BEST FOR: Students who will be around for most of the summer and would like to keep the consistency of lessons from week to week. Choosing regular weekly lessons may ensure a spot with your teacher in the fall.

Find a day and time that work for you and your teacher and continue with regular weekly lessons through July and August. You’ll be billed as normal on the first of each month*. We can credit your bill, up to two lessons, to account for any upcoming vacations or conflicts. These two credits are valid during summer semester only and require 10 days notice before your July or August billing date to be applied.

*Some teachers and students shift or reschedule lesson days/times over the summer due to changing schedules. If your lesson day has more or less than four lessons, we will correct this on the following billing cycle.


Block Scheduling:

BEST FOR: Students who will only be available for lessons during a portion of the summer or are interested in summer projects.

Purchase a “block” of time (equivalent to six or more lessons at your student’s current lesson length) and schedule in chunks throughout July and August that work best for you and your teacher. You can pay for these lessons all at once, or split it into two payments (due July 1st and August 1st).

Block Scheduling Prices: Prices for Six-Lesson Blocks. Larger blocks available upon request.   

360 minutes (60-Minute Block) $426.00 

270 minutes (45-Minute Block) $324.00 

180 minutes (30-Minute Block) $270.00

90 minutes* (15-Minute Block) $144.00  

*15 minute lesson blocks are for younger sibling "add-on" only. 

**For Summer block rates for Lead and Master Rates please call the office.

Summer Policy Statement

For lessons from July through August:
The regular school year policy applies, but with the the following changes:



Since your summer schedule may not be finalized by the July 1st billing date, tuition will be charged on July 1st for four weekly lessons. If your lesson day meets more or less than four times in July, we will adjust your payments on the August 1st bill. The August 1st tuition payment should reflect the number of weekly lessons you will take that month, less/plus any adjustments from July. Current tuition rates are available on the school website or by calling the office and will not change without notifying you.


Tuition for block scheduling is billed at the start of the summer semester (OR can be split into two payments — one in July and one in August, upon request). Lesson time is purchased as a “block” to be taken during the summer semester, and any unused time is not refundable nor transferable to the next semester. Rates for six lesson blocks can be found on our website. (Blocks of more than six lessons are also available. Call the office to find out more.) For payment options, see the year-round School Policy Statement.

Teacher cancellations: 

In the event that your teacher must cancel a lesson and you are not able to reschedule, you will receive a credit for the cancelled lesson. Your teacher will notify us, but if you do not receive a notice confirming the credit, please call our office or email us at

Student Cancellations:

Students who continue taking regular weekly lessons (not block lessons) are eligible for credit for up to two missed lessons during the summer semester (July and August only).

Please provide at least 10 days notice in advance of your July 1st or August 1st billing date to apply your credits. Unused credits are not transferable to the next semester.

While we always encourage make-up lessons, because the summer semester is so short, it is possible that you and your teacher may not be able to find a mutually convenient time to schedule make-ups. Due to this, we are not able to guarantee any make-ups for student cancellations during the Summer Semester.

As always, if you need to cancel a lesson, please contact your teacher directly and provide as much notice as possible. More notice allows teachers to attempt to schedule make-up lessons for other students and avoids the possibility of your teacher unnecessarily traveling to your home. Our teachers are professionals driving through traffic for your lessons and we must respect their time.

If your teacher shows up to your house or is on the way to your lesson and you are not there or are not able to take the lesson, without prior notice this is not considered a cancellation and is not eligible for a make-up or credit. For students taking block lessons, your teacher is already working with you flexibly to schedule lessons. For that reason, once a lesson is already scheduled and confirmed, canceling it will result in forfeiting that lesson.

Discontinuing Lessons:

You may discontinue lessons at any time during the summer, however lessons paid for during the summer semester are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be applied as a credit towards fall lessons.

TIP: Summer lesson days and times tend to be more flexible and your teacher will work with all of his/her families to provide convenient lesson times while still maintaining a sensible driving route. Once you’ve chosen your scheduling option, we suggest working out your schedule with your teacher as soon as possible. You may consider marking your lesson dates on the calendar with your teacher at the beginning of each month to avoid the possibility of running into any scheduling conflicts in this short period of time.