Music teaching jobs at the MW School of Music (Philadelphia)

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“Teaching through MW over the last decade has not only allowed me to grow as a teacher and experience the joy and satisfaction of sharing music with my students, it has given me the flexibility to pursue my many other professional musical endeavors and build a multi-faceted, successful career.”
— Andrew Lipke, former MW Instructor and singer/songwriter

Current Openings for Fall:

-Young, Early Beginner Piano

- Advanced Piano Teacher

- Voice/Piano Teacher

- Violin/Piano Teacher

- Drum/Piano/Guitar Teacher

- Piano/Guitar/Ukulele

-Piano for Divergent and Special Needs Learners

- Teachers with a background in either Songwriting or Music Therapy

Applicants should be advanced in their main instrument and at least at an intermediate level on any secondary instruments. 

Why Teach?:

Are you interested in a high-paying, unique job that works with your schedule? Are you artistic and fun – yet responsible and organized? Help change lives and spread creativity through teaching music to kids, tweens and teens. Teaching for the Meridee Winters School of Music is a fun and interesting opportunity to gain teaching skills (we train you) while making great money and meeting a dynamic community of teachers. Over the course of your MW experience, you will get the chance to teach and reach many different students and have a wealth of experience and insights that will last a lifetime.

About the Job:

What makes us unique is our mission to support creativity and individuality in our students and our community of teachers. Our focus is on creativity and education – not equipment. 95% of music schools or studios simply throw you into teaching on your own with only a lesson and theory book – but not us. We offer an ongoing, supportive training program for teachers that covers all aspects of teaching – including technique, repertoire, songwriting, lesson management, and improvisation. You will receive specialized and playful educational supplies and teaching tools that will make lessons creative, effective and fulfilling experiences for both you and your students. 

Your schedule:

We teach after school music lessons in student’s homes, ranging from about 3:30 to 8 or 9 p.m. Some teachers also choose to work on the weekends. Because this is an afternoon/evening job, it is perfect for those who need time to pursue other projects in their lives (college, bands, your latest novel, philosophizing, a second job, etc.) in the mornings or late evenings.

Benefits of Working for the Meridee Winters School of Music

  • We offer a supportive training program in both creative and traditional teaching methods.

  • You will receive a comprehensive teaching manual filled with educational advice and inspiration.

  • We provide and pay for your MW educational materials and teaching materials. (A unique teachers kit full of a variety of teaching props, tools, and over 600 pages of original games, creative lesson books, activities and more.)

  • You will have 24/7 access to information, advice and support through our exclusive MW Teacher web site, as well as access to our online teacher group.

  • You will be a part of a supportive, creative community of working/gigging Philadelphia area musicians.

  • We take care of logistics: the marketing and booking of students, initial scheduling, monthly billing and even show management.

  • You will be paid as a W-2 Employee.

  • All paychecks are auto debited into your account.

  • You will have access to our fully stocked music library.

  • You will be part of monthly teaching community meetings with new materials and ideas, free food, lively discussions and presentations on compelling topics including: music games, creativity, show preparation, mentorship and teaching techniques. (Not to mention our ever popular teacher show-and-tell sessions.)

  • You will have master classes and an abundance of activities in songwriting and improvisation that will not only help your students, but also boost your own creative musicianship.

  • You are part of a unique school with its own published methodology, values and passion – not a franchise or referral service.


  • You must have your own (reliable) car. (Old cars are charming as long as they're reliable.)

  • You must have taken music lessons for over 5 years and have been playing for at least 8 years

  • You must be able to read/play music at least at an intermediate level

  • You must be musical, friendly, organized, and like kids

  • You must be available for the entire school year (through the end of June)

  • You must have a college degree or be currently enrolled

  • There is an audition held for qualified applicants to assess their musical and interpersonal skills.

About our teachers:

Our upbeat team of teachers come from various instrumental and stylistic backgrounds. Some took lessons growing up and went on to major in something else in college, while others are serious professional musicians. About half of our teachers have recently received or are working towards degrees in a wide variety of subjects other than music – but have also played, practiced and loved music throughout their lives. The other half of our teachers are professional performing musicians or music students, gigging in bands and/or recording. All of our teachers are enthusiastic about teaching music to children in a meaningful, creative way.


1. Read the above information to see if this job is right for you. 

2. Then:


“On the day of my MW interview, I had gone to an interview for another music school earlier that day. That first school was literally a gray room from floor to ceiling, and the only thing they really did was make sure I could play. At the MW interview, in addition to playing and talking about why I wanted to teach, they had me make up a song about a farm animal — on the spot! The room itself was full of posters on the teaching method, original books, and games and dice. I knew this was the place for me.”
— Kate Klim, former MW Instructor and Nashville-based singer/songwriter