Adult Music Lessons - In Your Main Line Home!

"My 93-year old father, who is legally blind, started piano lessons about one year ago with the Meridee Winters School of Music. His tutor Elizabeth comes to his home and is a wonderful teacher – she taught him in a very short time how to play his favorite tunes on the piano. Elizabeth encouraged him to sing while he plays which not only tremendously improved his breathing but also his coordination. He is enjoying the lessons so much that his tutor now comes twice a week and it has become the highlight of his week. Learning the music and coordinating his hands to play the piano has been very therapeutic for him and we could see in a very short time many improvements we did not expect... My dad has traveled all over the world and learning the piano has given him such joy and sense of accomplishment at his age. I think it keeps him young!" - Dr. V. Torosian, Wayne PA

The MW School of Music is not just for kids! In fact, our school’s roots actually lie in teaching adults, which we’ve been doing since 1988. The Meridee Winters School of Music started out as a recording studio in Ardmore that specialized in working with pro and semi-pro bands and solo artists on songwriting, album production, midi recording and musicianship skills. 

Your Personal Trainer

You can think of your teacher as a personal trainer who will be there to help you reach goals that are exciting to you. We will take great care to match you with a professional musician who is specifically skilled in the styles and skills you want to learn, along with being a good fit for your personality. 

Your Goals and Dreams

Adults take music lessons for many reasons. Some have always wanted to play an instrument for personal pleasure, but never had the time or confidence; others want to pick up where they left off with previous studies. You can do anything from learning a few Beatles tunes to performing a challenging classical piece, beginning ivory tickling to jamming with a band. We also have talented professional teachers who can easily coach semi-professional musicians who want to gig and/or record in a professional studio.

In-Home Convenience and Privacy

Many adults prefer music lessons in the privacy and convenience of their home. Not only does it save on time and stress, but you will also feel free to explore, make mistakes, and take on new challenges playing your own instrument, in your own environment.

Piano Lessons for Adults

Adult beginner piano students can easily start playing chords and arpeggios as early as their first lesson. We have an exclusive Chord Crash Course that teaches you all the skills you need to start playing modern day and classical music as quickly as possible.  Modern research proves that our brains learn music like language, so you will learn to speak the language of music first, which is a more rewarding approach. This will bypass the most common adult beginner frustrations: all the songs sounding horrible because you are reduced to playing only what you can read. (Can you imagine a child being forced to read before he/she can speak?) Instead you will be playing all over the piano within a week. Because you are an adult, we will also explain all the theory behind everything you play. We have language arts based activities to help you learn to read music in a more efficient way. You can also “jam” with your teacher, prepare a piece for a special performance or have professional recordings made of you playing.

Adult intermediate piano students can get more in depth with musical styles or composers that inspire them. Time will also be spent filling in gaps and working on trouble spots. You will learn only the technique and theory essential to playing the musical styles you love and want to play. You will also be coached and encouraged to create your own “innovations” on the pieces you learn, as well as write your own songs. You can also “jam” with your teacher, prepare a piece for a special performance or have professional recordings made of you playing.

Advanced pianists study, in depth, a particular style, period, or skill set of their choice. (They can also opt to just have fun and jam with their trainer!) Time will also be spent filling in gaps and working on trouble spots. Our teaching team has quite a few members with advanced degrees in jazz piano, classical piano, composition, theory, performance or recording that can help you excel and advance in any style or technique at any level.  You can also compose with your teacher, prepare for a special performance or work on your own recording project at home or in one of our teachers professional recording studios.

Guitar Lessons for Adults

Beginning adult guitar students start with basic chords and finger patterns to get playing and sounding musical as soon as possible. You will have a lot of choice in the music you play – once you learn some basics. You may also opt to receive some vocal coaching to sing the songs you learn or write. 

Intermediate and advanced adult guitar students expand their skills by selecting song projects from different eras and styles of music. From modern to metal, jazz to folk and much more. You will learn soloing, composition, optional vocal skills and advanced techniques while working on in-depth studies of your favorite guitar heroes, bands or music styles. You also can make professional recordings of your music.

Your in-home guitar lessons can also work in conjunction with, prepare for, and support you playing in a band. Since our teachers all have professional band experience – we can privately coach you to become a top-notch player, while working on the skills you need - so that when you show up at rehearsal you are confident, prepared and ready to rock!  We coach you on skills such as learning songs and sets, playing by ear, learning solos, solid rhythm, song-writing and improvisation, rehearsal practices and performance prep.  

Our enthusiastic teachers offer in home piano lessons throughout the Main Line PA Area.  Give us a call to discuss your goals and dreams! 610•649•2782

We drive to: Ardmore, Bala Cynwyd, Bryn Mawr, Gladwyne, Haverford, Havertown, Lower Merion, Main Line area, Merion Station, Narberth, Newtown Square, Penn Wynne, Penn Valley, Radnor, Rosemont, Villanova, Wayne, Wynnewood, Conshohocken, Gulph Mills, King of Prussia, and Devon PA. Convenient, creative music training centered in your Main Line home!