The Real Meridee Winters...

In her youth, Meridee Winters began her musical life as a cellist. She later took up piano, voice, flute, guitar, and even sitar, while simultaneously nurturing a love of the martial arts and working towards her black belt. Today, she is an explorative and philosophical educator, composer and author, accomplished in many fields of study.

About Meridee Winters
Meridee Winters

Teaching experiences and creating a new method...

Meridee’s first teaching experiences were as a founder and instructor of several martial arts schools in Miami, Florida. (She opened her first school at age 19.) Here, she discovered a love of teaching that led her to get a degree in Elementary Education, which she earned while also minoring in Music and Psychology. 

Upon graduation (and receiving the job offer before even receiving her diploma) Meridee taught 1st, 3rd and 5th grades in a Florida public school, where she discovered the curriculum and school system left little room and freedom for divergence and creativity. She made the bold decision to leave and attend graduate school to study Music Composition, eventually starting her own private music school. In addition to her experience and education as a teacher, Meridee has studied psychology and music with notable professors at the University of Miami, Florida International University and West Chester University. She also has completed hundreds of hours of advanced intensive studies with leading edge theorists and authors – including Daniel Goleman PhD, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Emilie Conrad and more.

As an educator, Meridee’s experiences are as diverse as her interests. As a composer and professional musician, Meridee has instructed at all levels ­– from professional recording artists working on albums to computer music classes in the recording studio, and from young beginners taking their first steps on their musical path to intermediate students writing their first songs. 

“My diverse experience positioned me perfectly to create a new method,” she says of her varied educational and life experiences. “It was only by studying martial arts, psychology and elementary education so intensely that I could identify and invent the elements that traditional music instruction was lacking.” 

Meridee is a dedicated advocate of creative intelligence whose foremost passion is empowering creative and authentic self-expression in each individual. She now spends her time developing new materials and books to nurture these. She does her work as an author, as well as director of the school, from her home in Delaware County, PA (and at times, from a creative workspace by the ocean).