MW Bass Academy: Personalized Bass Lessons in Your Ardmore Home 


At MW Guitar Academy, we know that every student comes to us with unique goals, abilities and learning styles. Whether you’re new to guitar and hoping to learn the basics, a seasoned pro hoping to explore new genres, or a songwriter hoping to sharpen your skills, we have the talented faculty to guide you every step of the way.

MW Guitar Academy’s convenient, high-quality acoustic or electric guitar lessons are taught by current, professional performing musicians who play in bands both locally and nationally. You also get three unique performance opportunities each year in venues located near Ardmore: our popular Year End Shows, our spring Guitar & Band Showcase, and our exclusive, invitation-only Songwriters Showcase.


We take great care in matching each student with a compatible music mentor, and lessons are individualized according to the student’s personality, learning style and musical preferences. MW Bass Academy hires musicians from every genre of music so we can find the perfect fit for your unique personal goals.

Our method includes activities for different learning styles, including ADD & ADHD, Autism, as well as kids participating in their schools' gifted programs. Materials are designed to capitalize on each learning style's unique strengths and systematically encourage and mentor other areas.


There’s soccer, or baseball, or homework, but there’s always something. Main Line families are BUSY, so we help you make time for music by coming to you.  Music is a skill that lasts a lifetime, and studies continue to show that music lessons positively impact kids in many other aspects of learning. We’re glad we can make it more convenient and accessible by traveling to your Ardmore home. This cuts down on drive time for you, and allows the student to learn in a comfortable environment.


Our teachers go through a rigorous hiring process, comprehensive training, and attend monthly workshops on topics including songwriting, performance prep, alternative learners and more. MW Bass Academy seeks out the best applicants possible, and on average, only ten percent of applicants get an interview (with even fewer being offered positions). The interview itself is structured to look for creativity, passion and teaching ability – in addition to musical skill. 

Do you play in a band – or want to? We offer private “Band Prep” coaching.

Your in-home Ardmore bass lessons can also prepare you for or support you while playing in a band. Our teachers have professional band experience and can privately coach you toward becoming a top-notch bass player. With their guidance, you can show up at rehearsal confident, prepared and ready to rock! Your teacher will coach you on skills such as learning songs and sets, playing by ear, performing with solid rhythm, songwriting and improvisation, rehearsal practice prep and performance prep. Because lessons are in your home, you can privately and powerfully focus on trouble areas or new skills to keep advancing to the next level. Your teacher can also help you with your personal equipment, strings, tuning, and effects set up.

Personal Band Trainers: “Basement Band” Program

Do you already have your own band with your friends and need help to take the group to the next level? Are you thinking of starting a band? Do you want to put on great shows or record an album? One of our pro "personal band trainers” can come to work with your band in your space, on songs of your choice. You will be coached on skills such as learning songs and sets, playing by ear, songwriting, improvisation, soloing, recording albums, rehearsal practices and performance prep. If you need some expert coaching, but don't want to be in one-size-fits-all group classes, then having your own personal band trainer is for you!

About our Elite Bass Teachers

Our bass teachers are all active, creative, enthusiastic musicians and recording artists. They can energize your thoughtfully individualized lessons by helping you find music you love, accompanying you on different instruments, and more.  This will make lessons more alive and musical and help you gain the skills you’ll need to play in a band or performance setting. Over the course of your studies you will likely get the chance to study with more than one MW Bass Academy teacher, gaining a wealth of experience and insights from each one. Because bass lessons are in your Ardmore home, your teacher can also help you with your personal equipment, strings, tuning, and effects set up. CLICK HERE to learn more about our Ardmore area MW Bass Academy teachers

See for yourself how great the unique music instruction of the MW Bass Academy can be – contact us today!