“We love Chris and Jordan! They add so much to our lives, really. Chris has been so flexible and accommodating of our needs as adult learners. Last night he really tied together multiple techniques in a way that we allow us to grow as new guitarists. It was amazing how he did it! Jordan is unbelievable. Such a special person. He does so much in each 45 minute lesson. They write songs and play and sing and laugh. It’s almost magical- words can’t describe. Emme is developing into a very strong musician and vocalist and it is Jordan who helped her realize this gift. We are so grateful!” - Jennifer G.

“I can't say enough good things about the boys' piano lessons! I am astounded by how much they are learning! They are only 8 and 5! Not only are they learning and memorizing music, they are learning theory (in an enjoyable way!), they are playing by ear - - but best of all, they are truly enjoying music. It fills my heart to suddenly hear notes playing on the piano! No prodding, no bribing - they just play. I also am impressed by the recitals. I can't believe my kids just get up on stage and play! That is a tribute to the confidence they gain in their lessons as well as the fun, relaxed, and supportive vibe of the recital. And they have such a great format!” - Catherine R.

"We have been with Meridee Winters School of Music for 9 years and 2 children. Their teachers are caring and patient, and always inspire creativity. Meridee Winters teachers always kept lessons fun and interesting by incorporating our childrens' favorite pop/rock music, songwriting, and improvisation into their lessons. While neither of my children will be professional musicians, what they've learned through music (technique, the creative process, and overcoming the anxiety of performing, among other skills) will benefit all aspects of their life." - L. Savastani

"My children (4 & 6) have had a wonderful experience with their teacher...and look forward to their weekly lesson. He arrives on time and ready to go with lots of energy to keep the kids focused. We have seen incredible progress and the kids remind us when its time to practice each day." - A. Smith

"I highly recommend Meridee Winters School of Music.  My daughter looks forward to her guitar lesson every week. Her teacher is very patient and really takes the time to make sure she understands what is being taught. They tailor the instruction to the musical interest of the student which really keeps them engaged." - Kristen K. 

"My 13 year old daughter has been taking lessons here since Kindergarten, and my 11 year old son started two years ago. We've had a few different teachers-- and (the teacher) we have now is simply wonderful-- but the constant variable is the devotion of the school's leadership to growing kids' inner shine. We enjoy interacting with the staff who makes it obvious that meeting us wherever we are is their priority. There is no one who would not thrive in this school because Meridee wisely understands how special each budding musician really is." - M. Mandel

"All 3 of our girls take lessons with Meridee Winters in piano, guitar, drums and voice. Our oldest daughter, now 13 and a student since 7, has developed a real passion for music and song writing. We often wonder if she would have ever have developed such a deep love for her craft had she not started with Meridee! We are grateful for Meridee and her teachers every day!!" - A. Shoumer

"I feel like I struck gold on the first try. Our teacher has been WONDERFUL. He is punctual, professional, charming, knowledgeable, great with children, and has a terrific sense of humor. We love him. We are also delighted with the teaching methods he employs. The children are enjoying the process of learning to play the piano and look forward to their lessons. They particularly enjoy the improvising! How brilliant! Meridee Winters School of Music "rocks"! Many thanks!"  
– N.K.,Wynnewood

"I'm a science professor and if we taught math and physics like this starting in first grade, we wouldn't have to be importing all our engineers from distant shores.  We cling to the 19th century philosophy that to be good at something it has to be painful.  Meridee Winters' educational method has shown our family that this is simply wrong." 
– Peter Beckman PhD., Professor of Physics, Bryn Mawr College

“I’ve heard it with my own ears!!!!  THANK YOU Meridee and your wonderful teachers for guiding my former students to such fine musicianship!!!”
- Sally Weaver, PhD, Director, Sally’s Music Circle

"As an occupational therapist to children, I wholeheartedly recommend my students to Meridee Winters.  Her school has a fantastic program that excites and energizes children of all learning styles and the teachers are well-trained and caring. I've met them myself. Parents wonder which music programs will motivate their child.  Look no longer! This is it!" 
- Sandy Purvis, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist/Owner of HandRIGHTing, Ink. (which specializes in teaching all phases of handwriting to people of all ages) 

“We were thrilled with Sarah’s performance at the Halloween show. This was a complicated piece and Amanda worked hard with Sarah to pull it all together and prepare her, not only to know the piece, but to have the courage to perform it in front of the audience. Sarah loves her lessons and has progressed nicely – Amanda has the right amount of patience, toughness (and lots of rewards) to keep Sarah engaged and progressing. She has special bond with our daughter, Sarah.”
- Ian K., Bala Cynwyd 

"I had the opportunity to listen in on [my son's] lesson a couple of weeks ago...Wow...What a great teacher Matt is! He truly knows exactly what to say to get the best out of him. In fact, I actually used what Matt told [my son] about playing through mistakes, when we do his school work. It has really helped me out!! You did a great job pairing Matt up with my son. I could not be more pleased with your school, and have referred you to my friends for their kids." 
– Fran, Wayne

"We chose Meridee Winters based on their in-home lessons and creative based lessons.  We are thrilled with your program and continue to recommend it. Our teacher, Monica, is very patient and well organized and goes through the learning process step by step so our children really understand what she is teaching. We are SOO fortunate to have Monica!" 
– Katrina, Wayne

"My daughter came home from school one day extremely upset, crying and it was right before her piano lesson. When our teacher arrived she saw that my daughter was really upset.  She took her aside, spoke to her about the issues in school and she actually had her write a song and put it to music on the piano!  Well, she went from a crying, sad child to a happy and more confident child that day.  This is what makes our teacher stand out from others in my opinion.  She is a great piano, voice teacher, but she is also a wonderful and caring person who wants the child to succeed and be happy!"
- Donna T., Wayne

"I am so impressed with your program and Bonnie and Mike have been fabulous teachers.   Mike has had to be flexible with Adin since his wrist was in a cast for 4 weeks this fall.  He was able to create fun and interesting lessons for Adin which kept him thinking and learning about music and guitar even when he was not able to play.  Now that the cast is off, Adin was able to pick up right where he left off.  Mike's good humor and amazing patience make him a wonderful teacher and a perfect fit for Adin. Bonnie's teaching style is very different from Mike's but equally effective -- and a perfect fit for my more serious-minded child, Jacob.  Bonnie pushes Jacob to take his violin skills to the next level.  Her love of music is evident and contagious. She teaches Jacob with just the right mix of focus and humor.  What a pleasure!  I am so lucky to have 2 such wonderful music teachers for my children.  I would be more than happy to share constructive feedback with you, if there were any to offer.  I can only tell you what a wonderful job your music program and instructors are doing. Thank you! "
- Jenny, Wayne

"We love Valentina and are so happy she's Zoe's teacher. At the beginning of this year, we were struggling with whether or not she wanted to continue her lessons.  I think Zoe was feeling the crunch of the new academic year and didn't want the additional activity.  After discussing it at length with Valentina, she took a slightly different approach and it has made all the difference.  In addition to composing songs, they've recently been recording on garage band!  So amazing."
- Sandy R., Rosemont

"I LOVE the Meridee Winters game book!" 
– Noelle, Narberth  

"Jason is doing a wonderful job with Patrick. He is a great fit for Patch. They have developed a very nice rapport and Patch looks forward to his lesson each week. While Patch is not the best at practicing, Jason has been willing to try various strategies to encourage Patch. It is quite clear that Jason is truly a gifted musician and teacher. Our hope is that Patch will continue to grow with Jason’s tutelage. P.S. My husband, who is somewhat quiet, went out of his way to recommend Jason to a friend of his. Obviously he is quite impressed with Jason as well."
- Carolyn, Villanova

"We have enjoyed Leon's lessons (and more importantly, the children have loved them and are learning at a furious pace, whilst being fully engaged in it and increasing their love of music) and the kids seem to be thriving from his tutelage. He is truly a gem and we are delighted you sent him our way. He mentioned wanting to conference with us and scheduled a time next week, after the next lesson. He is nothing if not totally reliable, as well as an excellent musician in his own right. THANK YOU!"
- Ethan and Cecilia, Bala Cynwyd

"To hear our violin teacher play along with my son Jacob is like having a concert in my home each week. What a pleasure!"  
- Jenny, Wayne

"We love you guys!" 
- Janet, Wynnewood

"Well my daughter has been taking guitar lessons since she was 9.  She's 17 years old now and will be going to college next year.  She can really play the guitar and loves it! I just want to say that we are really happy we chose Meridee as our music school. My daughter had a great time, enjoyed the recitals, project band, learned a lot and loves her music.  It was a great experience and I always recommend you to friends. The in-home convenience is really great too.” 
- Hannah, Bala Cynwyd

"Things are going great with Alisia. My daughter loves her and they are having a wonderful time together. The recital, btw, was adorable and my husband and I were so impressed with the instructors and the overall performances.  It reconfirmed that I had made the right decision in choosing your school, Thank you for providing such an invaluable service to those of us in musical need! :) " 
- Jane, Villanova 

"Lessons with our guitar teacher, Jason. have been completely fabulous. He really works with Andrew's interests and personality - sometimes pushing him and sometimes leisurely exploring music - both as a musician and a person. They have incorporated technology (using the computer as a metronome and beat keeper) which is a motivation for Andrew. Jason has demonstrated to Andrew how one basic musical phrase and chords can be applied to various songs. Jason has also exposed Andrew to a variety of musical genres which is wonderful. Jason is completely professional always arriving on time and the lesson is FULL of music - not lots of chatting; yet, he establishes a personal rapport with Andrew." 
- Betsy, Ardmore   

"As always, we are delighted with our teacher, Amy. She has a great understanding of Liana's musical and rhythmic strengths and uses fun and creative ways to build on them. That Liana still enjoys practicing and finds joy in playing is a testament to her self-confidence that Amy has helped instill. Additionally, and as important, Liana is extremely comfortable with Amy and their relationship has been very meaningful to her. On the obvious end is her reliability and dependable and timely communication. She's a fabulous role model. When listing her "what do you want to be when you grow up" aspirations, a professional piano player is always on Liana's list! Amy also has great tolerance for the pet menagerie we have here. A rare quality!" 
– Kate, Narberth

"I have been playing piano with MW since first grade!  I'm now in 6th and still loving it!" 
– Meredith, Wynnewood

“Each of (my daughter's) instructors have added unique 'spins' to her music education. And with each instructor (Amy and Laura) she has learned different (and equally important) skills which are unique. The opportunity to have diverse instruction has immeasurably added to [her] extraordinarily positive experience with Meridee & Co. Thank you!” 
- Diana, Merion Station

"Meridee's methods provide differentiated instruction for students of all ages. Meridee's methods are unique because they can be customized to each student's ability level.  The repetitive nature and scaffolding approach to learning enable students to develop skills to the fullest of each student's own unique potential, musical style and interest level." 
- Melissa Tuckey, M Sp Ed Educational Support Coordinator Philadelphia SD

"Our teacher is talented, soulful, artistic, fun-loving, inspiring, and is a positive role model for my teenage daughter. She is helping her to learn how to express herself in a positive way. My daughter has sometimes been shy and self conscious, but last weekend she had the courage to stand up in front of a bunch of strangers to do karaoke! I fell so blessed to have Alicia as [my daughter's] teacher! Thank you! The interaction I've experienced over the phone with the staff has been cheerful and professional. They have always been polite and seem genuinely interested. Any questions I've had have been answered promptly, and I've even received follow up phone calls. I always recommend Meridee Winters!" 
- Chris, Bryn Mawr

"Honestly, everything has been wonderful (and I am usually the first to point out if things are going wrong!). Our piano teacher, Liz is sweet, focuses [my child] well, is encouraging...and she really seems to be learning how to play the piano!" 
- Marin, Bryn Mawr