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At the Meridee Winters School of Music, we offer extraordinary music lessons that are designed just for YOU! We provide in-home convenience and the highest quality lessons, as well as the best-trained teachers who will tailor your lessons to suit your unique needs.  You also get three unique performance opportunities each year: our popular Year End Concerts, the quirky Halloween Show, or the one-and-only prestigious Songwriters Showcase.

Our Rosemont, in home piano lessons will have you playing musically on your own piano or keyboard from the very first lesson, resulting in a rewarding experience, and the type of piano lesson students look forward to! Using an exclusive, modern curriculum created and developed by Meridee (a school teacher and composer), students progress at their own pace. 

Since 1990, this method has helped thousands of Rosemont area students learn (and learn to love) music. We are the only school in your area with its own published curriculum, in-depth teacher training, background checks and customized activities for any learning style. Be sure to ask us about our custom-tailored programs for Autism, Gifted Students, and other special learners. Unlike most music lessons, which are often just a franchise or referral service, we are a real school, directed by Meridee Winters. Meridee holds a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education along with post-graduate studies in music and psychology.

Beginning Piano Lessons

Beginning piano lessons start off by creating a positive relationship with the piano and ensuring that you sound musical right away. Our talented piano teachers apply a modern twist on the basics - encouraging you to playfully explore while learning modern or classical songs that you enjoy, and reinforcing technique by playing dozens of skill drill games. 

Beginning piano students – depending on their progress – have the opportunity to perform in the Year End Concerts or the quirky, fun Annual Halloween Show, both held at Main Line locations convenient to Rosemont.

Intermediate Piano Lessons

Intermediate piano students can get more in depth with musical styles or composers that inspire them. You will continue to learn technique and theory while performing music you love. You will also be coached and encouraged to create your own “innovations” on the pieces you learn, as well as write your own songs. 

Intermediate piano students – depending on practice and progress – have opportunities to perform in the Year End Concerts, prestigious Songwriters Showcase or Annual Halloween Show, all held at Main Line locations convenient to Rosemont.

Advanced Piano Lessons

Advanced piano students study in depth, a particular style, period or skill set of their choice. They have many performance opportunities in a variety of contexts including the Year End Concert and Songwriters Showcase. Our teaching team has quite a few members with advanced degrees in jazz, classical and popular styles of music who expertly guide advanced students through their musical studies. Adults - interested in piano lessons?  CLICK HERE!

Why Piano Lessons are Smart and Beneficial

What makes the piano the most intelligent instrument choice on which to start music lessons?

The fact that piano is the easiest instrument on which to produce a pleasing tone - without frustrating squeaks or twangs is just the tip of the iceberg. Unlike other instruments, which can only produce a single note at one time, the piano is both a harmonic and melodic instrument. This means a piano student (unlike most instrumentalists) can play several notes at once, creating both melody and harmony, much like an orchestra. In fact most famous classical composers like Mozart and Beethoven used piano to compose.

In addition, the piano is a very visual instrument. Because students can see what they are doing and the way in which the piano is laid out, students gain the best possible understanding of musical relationships, patterns, harmony and theory. 

Students who play piano move on to have the highest success rate when they learn other instruments for school bands, because they can already read rhythm and multiple notes at once. They all transition quite well to other instruments. Recent research has proven that students who study piano have higher SAT scores and spatial reasoning, as well as higher reading comprehension and mathematical ability.

Over time, it has also become clear how well Meridee's unique piano curriculum translates to students with alternative learning styles – including ADHD, Aspergers, Dyspraxia, gifted learners and Autism. Check out our Music Bridges program on this site for more information or call the office at 610-649-2782.

Fun Piano Teachers  

At the Meridee Winters School of Music, we pride ourselves on offering music lessons that are “a step beyond” any other. This begins with our piano teachers. The Meridee Winters school seeks out the best applicants possible, by directing our job postings to creative, enthusiastic musicians. On average only ten percent of applicants get an interview, with even fewer being offered positions on our staff. 

Our roster of talented piano teachers specialize in teaching all levels and styles of music, from beginner to advanced, classical to jazz, popular to theater. Using Meridee’s exclusive methods, students are given the fullest opportunity to seize the unique window of lesson time to develop all of their talents. CLICK HERE to learn more about Meridee Winters Rosemont piano teachers.

Why MW Lessons are Unlike Any Other

Students at the MW School of Music benefit from our one-of-a-kind creative method, which Meridee has spent the past 20 years developing. Our piano instructors receive mentorship and monthly workshops, and students, in turn, receive the most inspired and personalized music instruction available.  Meridee Winters has also developed her own teaching materials and curriculum – available ONLY through her Main Line School of Music. These materials include skill building games, songwriting activities, journals, portfolios and more! The “top secret” MW Game book is a remarkable teaching tool for our instructors: 

"I love having a bag of tricks to bring to piano lessons. The games serve as tools to teach skills, creative outlets, as well as rewards for good practicing, good behavior, or good focus during the lesson. There’s always something fun to find in the bag, either an established game or using the tools to create something new." 
– Amy Hansen-Brower, Former MW Piano Teacher

See for yourself how great the unique piano instruction of the MW School of Music can be – call today!

Our vibrant piano teachers offer in home piano lessons in Rosemont and throughout the Main Line, PA Area.

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