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A personalized one-on-one summer music project is a powerful way to boost musicianship and enthusiasm to the next level, and is the perfect complement to other camp or day camp experiences. 

What makes the program so effective? Unlike other music camp experiences, which are designed for groups, MW Summer Projects and lessons are custom designed by the student and teacher to focus in on exciting new ideas or on turning problems into strengths — thus creating faster progress. The programs are offered in the comfort and convenience of your own home and can be flexibly scheduled in single or non-consecutive one week blocks customized to your schedule and availability. 


Performance Workshops

Do you want to perform awesome music for friends or an audience? In Performance Workshops, you will have the chance to develop a mini stage show! Work on developing a body of work and schedule a show for friends and family that showcases all your hard work.

  • Soloing: Learn to solo in a favorite style like a favorite performer, artist or band. Learn others’ solos and how to create your own. Jam with your teacher.
  • Chords: Learn to powerfully play chords in a favorite style, to accompany voice, play in a band, write songs or just boost your playing. Jam with your teacher.
  • Project Band: Create a band, duo or trio with a new friend or two. Learn to play together — from a punk band to a classical quartet, a blues trio to a harmonic duo.
  • My Show: Prepare a show of any style music. Perform it in front of an audience.
  • My Book: Make your own book of any theme you like (exercises, solos, history theory or any project).
  • My Greatest Hits: Create a show, list or portfolio of all of your greatest accomplishments.
  • Riff Encyclopedia: Create a glossary of all of your favorite riffs that you can play.                                         

Digital Recording & Sound Effects

Do you want a professional recording of your music to share with others or post online? Are you excited to capture your songs and show off your skills? In the digital age, everyone has the ability to record music, so take the summer to work with an experienced teacher and learn about recording. Depending on the scope of the project, there may be additional fees for this program.

Options include:

  • Garageband Tutorial: Learn how to work this versatile recording program, and create your own single or album. Learn the tips and tricks to sounding great!
  • Recording Sessions: After working with your teacher to prepare a body of work, sign up for recording sessions. During the sessions you can add additional instruments and effects to your songs. You’ll have your own album to give to friends, post on the web or sell at gigs.
  • Sound Effects: From guitar effects racks and pedals to keyboard/synthesizer sounds — there is a lot to choose from and program to get your own unique sound. Learn how to get the sounds effects the masters have on their professional recordings.


“Focus on Favorites” Workshop

Summer is a time when scales and lesson books can be put aside to work on new topics and areas of
interest. Would you love to learn the songs from your favorite band, musical or
genre? In a “Focus on Favorites” Workshop, you will do an in depth study on a particular group, composer, genre or generation.

Some examples are:

  • Band/Songwriter Study: Learn the songs, roots, influences and history of your favorite band or recording artist.
  • Style Study: Do you love Punk? Pop? Blues? Rock? Take the summer to dig into your favorite genre. Learn the greatest hits, how to improvise and even how to write your own songs in that style.
  • Album Study: Learn and play an entire album with your teacher and/or a friend. Learn about the artists’ influences and the impact of their music on society.
  • Musical Theater: Choose your favorite show and spend all summer learning the hits! Learn Les Miserables, Rent, Wicked, or classics like Oklahoma, Music Man, Cinderella, Carousel and more.
  • Composer Study: Study any composer or songwriter in depth — their music, personality, influences, thoughts, history and more. From Bach to the Beatles, Debussy to Dylan – learn from the masters.


Power Tutor

Do you want to jump ahead one or more levels quickly? Do you want to turn your weaknesses into strengths? Do you need to focus in on one area? There is a reason many people hire a tutor in the summer: it works. Our one-on-one summer tutoring is catered and designed to fit your specific needs, working intensively on one topic so it can be mastered, helping you jump up a level or preparing you for more challenging repertoire. Even students not in our school can benefit from this — tell your friends.

Topics include: Playing Chords, Rhythm, Sight-reading, Improvisation, Theory, Notation, Musicianship, Technique, Scales, Modes and more. We have a wide variety of games and repertoire to focus on any topic.


Band & Pre-Band Skills

Do you play in a band — or want to? Use your summer to gain skills that will make you an MVP in any band!

  • Band Prep and Performance: Because lessons are held in the privacy of your home, you can powerfully focus in on problem areas to keep advancing yourself to the next level — and the best band. Our professional performing band teachers can coach you on learning songs and sets, playing by ear, learning and creating solos, keeping solid rhythm, building stage presence, prepping for performances, songwriting and improvisation. Your teacher can also help you with your personal equipment and effects set up.
  • Pre-Band Prep and Performance: Never been in a band — but hope to be? Take the leap with an experienced one-on one coach in the low pressure privacy of your home. Learn all of the above skills from Band Prep and Performance, plus how to audition for a band, start your own band or join an existing one. (All with the support of an understanding, experienced professional performing musician.)
  • Band Songwriting: Behind the greatest bands are great songwriters. Learn the craft of songwriting, and write songs for your band with your own songwriting coach. (Check out our Songwriters Showcase Gallery online for videos of our rockstar student songwriters.)



Do you want to create a time capsule of your music lessons for the future? Would you like to display all of your accomplishments in a fun way to show others? Do you want to celebrate what you have accomplished and then take it further? Create an amazing custom portfolio this summer! Focus in on one topic — or cover a wide range of things that inspire you. Portfolios have traditionally been used in the visual and performing arts as a way for an artist to showcase their accomplishments and designs. We are excited to offer young artists the opportunity to showcase and document their work, to deepen their own learning process and most importantly to ENJOY to ENJOY and SHARE their unique accomplishments as they study music.


Audition Workshops

Auditions can be nerve wracking, but they don’t have to be! Get a jump start on audition season by working with one of our skilled teachers to address technique, nerves, audition tips and more. Work on repertoire to perfect a few showstopping songs to have at the ready, and watch your performance opportunities grow.


Songwriter Workshops
What would music be without songwriters? (Well… silent, we suppose.) Whether you’ve tried your hand at songwriting or are a complete novice, you can learn how to arrange and create your own unique songs with the guidance of one of our expert teachers. Take the summer to focus on creativity — you may just be the next great songsmith!

Options include:

  • Pop/rock/folk Songwriting: work on creating your own music in your own style.
  • Score a Movie: Pick your favorite movie and re-write the soundtrack.
  • Make a Musical: Create your own characters, story line, lyrics or choreography.
  • Classical Composition: Study the form and formula of classical composition and learn how to create rich, textured, beautiful music.

Create Your Own Workshop Project On Anything
Mix and match from all the options, or create your own unique workshop on something you are highly interested in. From conducting to sound effects, anything goes! Past topics have included: conducting,
writing dance music, scoring for high school theater (Dracula), writing a waltz for a family member’s wedding, and more!


Regular Lessons
Of course, continuing your regularly scheduled lessons is also a great option for the summer. It’ll guarantee a spot with your teacher AND maintain progress.

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